Chicken Parmesan

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Meal Deal for 1

Choice of Pasta and Sauce
4 oz Salad and choice of dressing
1/4 Loaf Garlic Bread

11.95 (Regular Price 14)

Meal Deal for 2

2 Choices of Pasta and Sauce
2 - 4 oz Salads and choice of dressing
1/2 Loaf Garlic Bread

23.95 (Regular Price 28)

Family Meal Deal for 4

4 Choices of Pasta and Sauce
1 - lb of Salad and choice of dressings
1 Full Loaf Garlic Bread
Apple Fritters

48.95 (Regular Price 53)


Pick a pasta - Pick a sauce $6.50 a la cart

Hand rolled ravioli
(prepared with egg)
Serving size is 12 pieces

Chicken, Sundried Tomato and Basil Ravioli
100% chicken breast,sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and spices.

Beef and Hot Sausage with Zucchini
and Pepper Ravioli

A robust flavor but not too hot, made with tender
beef round and hot sausage, sweet red and yellow
bell pepper and fresh zucchini.

Traditional Sicilian, Beef, Veal, Pork
and Spinach Ravioli

A family favorite. This recipe is over 100 years
old and still a holiday tradition, great any time of year.

Artichoke and Romano cheese
Artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, sweet basil a
touch of oregano and romano cheese.

Three Cheese Ravioli

A delicate blend of mozzarella, ricotta, romano
cheeses and spices.

The Veggie, Spinach with Romano and
Parmesan Ravioli

Light and delicious any time of day, using fresh
spinach, romano and parmesan cheeses and spices

Potato Dumpling,
(prepared with egg)
Serving size 6 oz

Original Gnocchi
The original recipe with potato eggs and flour.

3 Cheese Gnocchi (Mozzarella, Ricotta,
Romano cheeses)

A splash of flavor and texture to our dumplings.

Garlic and Basil Gnocchi
The bold flavor of garlic for garlic lovers!

Mushroom and Cheese Gnocchi
A mild, tender flavor of portobello mushrooms
and fresh grated Romano cheese.

Feta Cheese, Spinach and Garlic Gnocchi
Rich, light and delicious any time of day, using
fresh pressed garlic
and feta cheese.

Jalapeno Gnocchi
Zesty jalapeno, perpperchini and gorgonzola cheese..










Serving size 4 oz dry

OUT (Bow tie pasta)

(10 inch long skinny pasta)

(Large tube pasta)

(Spiral pasta)

(Shell pasta)

(Small tube pasta with angular ends)

Add meatballs or shrimp and make it your own dish!Dry Pasta












Sold by 2 oz cups, 1/2 pint, pint or quarts.

Alfredo (White)
Brandied Cranberry and Orange Sauce
Cinnamon Sauce
Gorgonzola Sauce (White)
Gourmet House Blend (Pink)
Herb Marinara (Red)
Meat Gravy (Red)
Pesto (Green)
Pineapple Orange Sauce (Orange)
Sage Brown Butter (Green)
Spicy Marinara (Red)
Sun Dried Tomato Basi Cream Sauce (Pink)



Sampler Platter
Can't decide? Get two each of all six ravioli and three each of all six gnocchi with six sauces!
Now that's a lot of pasta! 15

Fried Zucchini
Freshly sliced zucchini dipped in our own special beer batter and deep fried to a golden crisp.
Served with blue cheese. 5

Giant Portobello Mushroom
You don't get the whole Tamale. You get the whole mushroom!
Beer battered and deep fried. Served with blue cheese or ranch. 5

Garlicky Bread
Our French bread is baked daily, split and topped with butter ground garlic, fresh basil and shredded Parmesan. Toasted when you order. 3

Garden Salad
A fresh combination of romaine, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, celery and topped with
feta cheese and candied pecans. Side 4.5, meal 8 or family 12.

Other Stuff

Eggplant Parmesan (Cook time 10 min)
Two large slices of fresh eggplant seasoned, pan fried, layered with sauce and cheese. 8

We make these here with fresh ground top round and hot Italian sausage,
seasoned and simmered in our meaty red sauce. 75¢ each.

Meatball Sandwich (Cook time 10 min)
Served open face on 11 inches of garlic bread, covered in meaty red sauce, 6 meatballs and
smothered in mozzarella cheese, baked to a toasty perfection. 7

Sonora Red & White
A local favorite, 6 meatballs floating in red meat sauce, topped with 6 deep fried
three cheese ravioli and covered in white Alfredo sauce. 7


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